Lil’ Busy Beavers



HIp Hip Hooray for Spring!

Did you miss out on registering for one of our Lil’ Busy Beaver sessions? New this term is the ‘Hopper Pass’ which lets you select any 5 classes to come to from any of our Monday, Wednesday or Saturday class sessions. Stick to one day a week ( or try them all)! Cost is just $52.50 and we allow sign-ups at any time during our spring classes!!

Our spring sessions of Lil’ Busy Beavers start in April. Our theme at large will be Oregon Agriculture. It is our goal to help our Lll’ Beavers develop an awareness and understanding that agriculture is the source of our food, clothing, shelter and other essentials in Oregon. Lesson highlights include: gardening, chick hatching, Turf Buddies (Dirt Babies), plant life cycle, the water cycle, food, farming and a field trip that brings all topics to life!

More Info on the Class

We have THREE different class sessions to choose from:

Mondays:           4/1 thru 5/20 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Wednesdays:     4/3 thru 5/22 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Saturdays:         4/6 thru 5/25 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Lil’ Busy Beavers, along with their parent or guardian, will follow a simplified preschool classroom schedule, which includes a snack that is provided. Class sizes are small, with only 10 students per class.

Themed activities include math, science, literacy, geography, art and music.

Welcome Lil' Beavers to spring! This program is a fun and engaging way for younger children aged one to four to learn to navigate simple classroom environments while exploring and learning about the world around them. This session will be packed with engaging activities as well as a ton of unique experiences for the spring season!

Cost is just $99 for each session or $52.50 for our 'Hopper Pass'

All class sessions (including our hopper pass)  include a field trip to the Oregon Ag Fest on Saturday April 27th to make our themed topics come to life!!

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