Kindergarten's Changed

Kindergarten has changed a lot in the last two decades. Children entering Kindergarten now are expected to have skills much more advanced then children who entered

Kindergarten in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Fine-tuned small motor skills (ability to cut on a line, hold pencils and pens correctly), ability to recognize and write all letters and numbers up to 20, ability to sight read a foundation of words, and basic math skills are all expected of children entering Kindergarten. 

Many children entering the school system, however, have had little to no exposure to these academic skills, and often start their first day already behind. 

Preschoolers Haven't

Preschoolers learn best through play. Moving, exploring, investigating, creating, imagining and trial-and-error, these are all important ways that preschoolers learn about the world around them.

As Busy Beavers, we view play as a foundation to lifelong learning.

About us

Founded in 2017, Busy Beavers Academy is a traditional play-based preschool located in Salem, Oregon.

Preschoolers learn best through play: moving, exploring, investigating, creating, imagining and trial-and-error.

At Busy Beavers Academy, we use the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum, a dynamic and engaging academic program that gets children kindergarten ready, which includes standards of Common Core, which are used throughout Oregon Public Schools. In addition to traditional academics, our students become familiar with numbers, letters, and phonics through play. This is intentionally done in connection with games, songs, finger plays, manipulative's, etc. This is rooted in our belief that children learn best through play.

We create a positive environment which encourages children to explore their surrounding on a daily basis. Upon completion of our program, we believe that your child's well-rounded experiences will provide them with the necessary strengths for emotional, social, cognitive, gross/fine motor and academic excellence that are required to be able to thrive in the kindergarten classrooms of today.

Our Focus

Our classroom centers include a writing center, library/reading center, block play, science (STEM) center, sensory table, table manipulatives, art, as well as themed dramatic play centers that change throughout the year; such as our theater stage and wardrobe area, our grocery store, our flower shop, and more!

Our daily schedule allows for structure in the classroom. Our varied content and curriculum is paired with sequenced and repeated activities such as our story time, snack time, circle time and free play. These activities allow for structure and learning that are vital to kindergarten and beyond.

We use every opportunity to weave these necessary kindergarten skills into the course of the day. We create a positive environment which encourages children to explore their surroundings on a daily basis while navigating a myriad of emotional, social, cognitive, gross/fine motor and academic skills along the way.

Our focus includes keeping children safe, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our Program

We offer 3 hour classes in both AM and PM sessions in 2, 3 and 5 day a week packages. We charge a non-refundable $89.00 registration fee, and offer discounts for siblings.

Our pricing:

  • Tue/Thurs Class - $190/Month
  • Mon/Wed/Fri Class - $260/Month
  •  Mon - Fri Class - $399/Month


You can e-mail us today and a representative will contact you within 24 business hours to schedule a tour of our school.

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